Our new initiative is one to engage both the Church community and the wider community of Cheadle. It is our intention to engage with people’s passions and build on these in creative ways, deploying the wonderful new resource of the Upper Room.

Third Age seeks to engage with the growing numbers of early retired people who have so much more to give and share with others. In the Parish we have decided to embrace also into our Third Age programme the excellent retirement groups that we already have in place. The main difference will be that the new initiative will be actively involved with the things that people tell us they want to do.

As we pass through the journey of life there are different things that demand our energies and attention. However there comes a time when we cross a threshold of wanting to do something different with our lives and get in touch with our unfulfilled passions. This is sometimes decribed as moving form success to significance. This is well described in Bob Bufords book, Half Time. He argues the case that football teams that only have a strategy for the first half, are in trouble and will certainly finish badly! Third Age seeks to engage with the Second Half and to ensure that it we enjoy it to the full.

Harvest Services - October 1st with a Bring & Share Lunch at 12 45pm & Simon and Abagail's final Sunday with us

There will be an all age Harvest Thanksgiving Service on the 1st October at 10 30 We will be collecting items for City Centre Ministrie more

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