Children are welcomed to the 'Bright Start Crèche' whilst their mums study the Bible with others each Thursday morning.  
Children can be left from 9.30am and collected when the Bible study ends at around 11am.  Our morning is structured to include play and craft activities, socialising, Bible teaching and a snack time.

We aim to:
  • value Christian based family life by supporting the Bible Study Group;
  • provide an environment that enables children to learn about Christian fellowship;
  • help children to learn to share with and to care for one another, to play together, to make friends and to take turns;
  • provide for 0-4 year olds carefully planned thematic Bible teaching based on vocabulary which relates to the individual's ability to understand.

Third Age Meeting - "How to build Friendships and Connect with people" with Helen Hart and James Grummitt

Helen Hart and James Grummitt are making a welcome return visit to the U more

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